AUS-NZ Basic Computer Terminology Assessment


AUS-NZ Basic Computer Terminology Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Australian Basic Computer Terminology assessment is intended for basic computer users. The general topics covered include the Internet, Office Packages, Windows, Networking, Hardware, and Licensing. Someone who has used computers should be able to score reasonably well on this test. Someone who is unfamiliar with computers will have trouble with this test. This test is not intended to measure someone's skill with the computer rather that they know and recognise key computer concepts and terms.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 31
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Windows
Office Packages
Tasks Tested Windows Pictures
Recycling Bin
Removing Text
Areas in Windows
Screen Saver
Landscape Printing
Paper Size
Letter Writing Program
Print Command
Save Versus Save As
Slide Show Program
Spreadsheet Programs
Email Addresses
Internet Numbering
Internet Connections
Search Techniques
Internet Names
Network Example
Network Functions
Network Passwords
Byte Names
CD Burning
Minimum Requirements
Adding RAM