Computer Literacy - Basic Assessment


Computer Literacy - Basic Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Computer Literacy - Basic assessment is designed to measure the skills of a person familiar with some of the technical aspects of computer knowledge as well as knowledge generally known by users that covers terminology and practices associated with basic computer use. This test is ideal for the user with some understanding of how to keep a computer running at its optimal performance level, as well as fix basic computer problems. The test addresses simple computer troubleshooting and maintenance as well as the basics of navigating through Windows (2000, XP, and 7). Topics covered by this test include hardware, software, safety, the Internet, and Windows.

Tests for Internet Research Skills, Internet Basics, and Macintosh Basics are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Internet
Storage Devices
Tasks Tested Email Recipient
Identifying Internet Terms
Replying to Email
Internet Usage
Web Browser
Deleting Recently Viewed Sites
Password Protection
Troubleshooting Audio
Recycle Bin Use
Data Editing
Clicking Files
File Size
Screen Saver
Windows Task Manager
Screen Resolution
Hidden Files and Folders
Moving the Mouse
Major OS Problems
File Types and Extensions
Manipulating Windows
Linking Computers
Primary Hard Drive
Installing Printers
General Usage
Plug-In Devices
Hard Disks
Computer Problems
Exiting a Program
Connecting a Computer to a Network
Virus Safety
Virus Risk
Installing Virus Scan Software
Mouse Use
Data Backup
Data Manipulation