SolidWorks 2013 Assessment

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The SolidWorks 2013 assessment is designed to evaluate skills in the usage and understanding of the SolidWorks 2013 software package. The assessment questions cover editing and modifying sketches, geometric relations, reference geometry, editing and modifying features, drawing and modeling, and the user interface. This assessment is appropriate to administer to candidates that have a year or more experience using SolidWorks 2013.

Assessments for AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2013 are also available.

Number of questions 38
Test format Multiple-Choice
Time to complete Varies by skill
Topics covered Drawing and Modeling
Editing & Modifying Features
Editing & Modifying Sketches
Geometric Relations
Reference Geometry
User Interface
Tasks tested Add a Radii
Add Company Name and Logo to a Part
Add Thickness to a Feature
Adding Holes
Arc and Circle with the Same Center Point
Assembling Parts
Bended Part
Circles with Equi-radius
CommandManager for HVAC Duct
CommandManager to Bring Parts Together
CommandManager to Sketch a Part
Complex Shapes
Creating Circular Patterns
Default Plane
Entities on the Same Line
Entity Repeated in the X and Y Axis
Extruding Feature
Hollowing a Product
Mate Tool
Metric Part Measurement
Modifying View
Moving a Sketch
Part Relationships
Part Rotation
Part Visual Relation
Perpendicular to a View Plane
Place Axes
Project a Grid
Project a Sketch Along a Path
Reference Geometry Options
Reverse Steps
Sheet Metal Creation
Sketch Transition
Sketched Point Coincident to an Edge
Specifying Rounded Corners
Utilization of Editing Tools
Supported languages ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ English (en_US)