.NET Programming - MVC Framework (ASP 5) Assessment


.NET Programming - MVC Framework (ASP 5) Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test is designed to assess the test taker's knowledge and familiarity with using .NET Programming - MVC Framework (ASP 5). The questions focus on several broad categories, including annotation, code Knowledge, configuration, performance, security, tag/attribute as well as other knowledge. These questions are based on day-to-day programming tasks and are appropriate for an ASP.NET MVC Framework programmer with at least one year of experience.


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Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Security
Code Knowledge
Other Knowledge
Tasks Tested Kerberos v5 Authentication
Prevent Cross Site Request Forgery
Two Factor Authentication
FormsAuthenticationTicket Argument
Request Header
Pass Data from Controller to View
Web.config Entry
Bundling Exception
Error Message
Meta-Tag for Mobile-Friendly Web Site
HTML Tag Knowledge
ActionName Attribute
Route Attribute
Prevent Action Method Call
First Chance Exception Notification
View Engine
Json Result
Two-Factor Authentication
Controller Method OnException
JSON Binding Support
Pages to be Skipped
Client Device
User Authentication
Tracked AJAX Event
MVC ViewStart
App with Sign-On
Add Option
Time Structure
Application Type
Switching between Desktop and Mobile
Business Layer
Call an Action Method
Hidden Input
Partial View
Anonymous Type