Microsoft Windows 7 [Timed] Assessment

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This assessment has a time limit of 45 minutes.

Microsoft Windows is a popular operating system for desktop computers. This assessment is designed for clerical level users of Windows 7. It assesses the user's ability to perform common functions, such as running applications and organizing files, as well as more advanced functions, including installing software, and adding hardware. This assessment is for users only. Technical support candidates should be given the Windows Troubleshooting or Technical level TechAssessments for the version needed.


Number of questions 30
Test format Multiple-Choice
Time to complete 45 minutes
Topics covered Control Panel
Windows Explorer
Tasks tested Add a Gadget to the Desktop
Add Printer
Adjust Sound Volume
Burn CD
Change the Default Program
Changing Views
Compress Folder
Create a New Folder
Create a Shortcut
Deleting Files
Desktop Background
Empty Recycle Bin
Hide the Taskbar
Install Program
Map a Network Drive
Moving Files
Music Library
Open a Program
Open System Properties
Open Windows Explorer
Open Windows Media
Pin a Program to the Taskbar
Play Music
Rearrange Buttons on the Taskbar
Renaming a Folder
Screen Resolution
Show Desktop
Uninstall Program
Supported languages 🇺🇸 English (en_US)