Masonry Assessment

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This Masonry assessment is designed to verify the assessment taker's general knowledge of masonry. Topics covered on this assessment include terminology, concrete masonry units, construction techniques, on site work and safety, and tools usage. It is appropriate to administer this assessment to Masons with a year or more of on the job experience.

Number of questions 48
Test format Multiple-Choice
Time to complete Varies by skill
Topics covered Concrete Masonry Units
Construction Techniques
On Site Work and Safety
Tasks tested Air Space Around a Wall and Lateral Force
Arch Top
Basic Fireplace Construction
Beaded Mortar Joint
Block Insulation
Bond Beam
Brick Patterns
Brick Veneer Wall
Cement Block Size
Cleaning a Joint
CMU Rectangular Openings
CMUs and Concrete Foundation
Cost Effective Installation
Course of Brick
Cultured Stone
Dry Stone Technique
Electric Cord Safety
Estimating the Quantity of Wall Block
Extended Exterior Wall
High Wall Construction
Interpreting Blueprint Nomenclature
Keeping Courses Level
Ladder Safety
Mason Hammer to Cut Brick
Mason Tools
Masonry Section
Mixing Mortar
Mortar Joint
Pilaster and Buttress
Reason to use a Particular Joint
Red Brick Measurements
Repoint Brick
Split Face Block
Squared Walls
Stiff Mix
Stucco Finish
Tensile Strength of CMU
Tilt-Up Panel
Tool for Butter Joints
Tumbled Brick
Type M Mortar
Waterproof Treatment
Weep Hole
Supported languages ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ English (en_US)