Legal Staff Skills Assessment


Legal Staff Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test for Legal Staff Skills is geared towards those working in the litigation field as legal assistants or legal secretaries. The test covers basic responsibilities as well as knowledge of basic elements of the legal system. Topics on this assessment include legal knowledge, legal writing, software utilized, general legal office skills, and legal staff structure. This test is appropriate for test takers with a year or more experience.

Tests for Legal Assistant, Legal Filing, Legal Spelling, and Basic Litigation Knowledge are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested General Legal Office Skills
Legal Staff Structure
Legal Knowledge
Legal Writing
Software Utilized
Tasks Tested E-filing
Notary Public Requirement
Bonded Notary Public
Legal Signatures
Archive a File
Notary Public
Escrow Account
Order of Succession
Law Firm Positions
Legal Secretaries and Paralegals
Legal Secretary Places of Work
Transmittal Letters
Defendant's Answer
Types of Law
Municipal Courts
Ink Color
Table of Authorities
Probate Law
Legal Applications
Paper Size
Signature Block
Letter Positioning
Letter Formatting
Formatting Letters
The ''D'' Symbol
Legal Code of Ethics
The ''P'' Symbol
Federal Court System
Bookmarking Documents
Filing Requirements for Federal Court
Legal Abbreviations
Conformed Copy
Answering a Complaint
Formatting Complaints