Java EE 8 Assessment

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This Java EE 8 assessment is designed to assess a assessment taker's general knowledge of Java EE 8. The assessment focuses on the practical aspects of JAVA EE 8 tools to build or maintain enterprise applications. Topics covered by this assessment include Web services, Java Server Pages, Java Server Faces, Java API, Enterprise Java Beans, and servlets. This assessment is appropriate for assessment takers that have beginner to intermediate experience with Java EE 8.

Number of questions 39
Test format Multiple-Choice
Time to complete Varies by skill
Topics covered EJB
Java API
Java Server Pages
Web Service
Tasks tested Argument Constructor Modifier
Bean Lifecycle
Bean to Manage Application Lifecycle
Business Method Modifier
Clustering Servlets
Code Syntax
Duplicate Acknowledgements
Event Listener
FacesContext Render Response
Finalize Method
Hide Comments
HTTP 415
JAX-WS Business Methods
JAX-WS Endpoint
JDBC Cursor Type
JMS Message Type
JMSContext Annotation
JNDI Resource Injection
JSP and Servlet Deployment
JSP Lifecycle Override
Maintain Server State
Max Data for doGet()
Message Priority
Persistence Layer Bean
Phantom Read
PostConstruct Method Declaration
Publish and Subscribe Model
Remote Access EJB
Request Processing
RESTful Code Snippet
RESTful HTTP Method
Security Annotation
Servlet Filter
Session Bean Interface
Thread Safe
Topic Subscription
Supported languages ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ English (en_US)