Hazardous Material Handling Assessment

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The Hazardous Material Handling assessment is based on four areas of concern that are often encountered in handling hazardous materials. These areas are identifying materials, labeling of materials, packaging and shipping. The questions range from basic to advanced and were constructed to reflect the skill level of the assessment taker in the four aforementioned areas. This assessment is intended for someone with at least one year of hazardous materials handling experience.

Assessments for Safety in the Workplace and EEOC Compliance are also available.

Number of questions 43
Test format Multiple-Choice
Time to complete Varies by skill
Topics covered Handling Hazardous Materials
Tasks tested Accepting Hazardous Materials
Certifying a Shipment
Defining Poison Versus Toxin
Descriptions To Shipping Papers
Entries on Shipping Papers
Filling Out Shipping Papers
Handling Compressed Gas
ID Number on Packaging
Identifying Location of Shipping Paper
Knowing the Penalties for Violations
Knowing Transport Regulations
Knowing When a Label is Required
Knowing When Transport is Restricted
Knowledge of Radioactive Materials
Labeling Non-bulk Packages
Loading/Unloading Explosives
Making Proper Shipping Descriptions
Marking Outer Packaging
Packages Requiring 2 or More Labels
Packaging and Placarding
Packing for Air Travel
Packing Liquid Hazardous Materials
Placing poisonous Materials in the Vehicle
Poison-Inhalation Hazard Packages
Preparing Cylinders
Preparing Hazardous Materials for Transport
Preparing Lab Packs
Proper Shipping Name
Regulating Travel of Hazardous Materials
Regulations for Emergencies in Rail Transport
Repacking of Hazardous Materials
Retention of Shipping Papers
Smoking Around Materials
The Total Numbers of Transport
Timing Rail Shipments
Transport by Motor Vehicle
Transporting Farm Products
Transporting Hazardous Materials
Transporting Poisoning Materials Via the Highway
Understanding Hazard Classes
Understanding Labels
Understanding the Term 'Forbidden'
Understanding Transport Index
Supported languages ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ English (en_US)