Dreamweaver 8 Assessment


Dreamweaver 8 Assessment

Skills Assessment

Dreamweaver is a professional visual editor used for creating and managing web pages. This test will assess a candidate's knowledge of the Dreamweaver 8 application. The focus of this assessment is on developing and maintaining a Web site, effectively using the tools available in Dreamweaver 8, and understanding the features available for Web Developers. The test is appropriate for a Dreamweaver 8 user with entry-level to one or two years of experience.

Assessments for JavaScript and HTML 4.0 are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Getting Started
HTML Elements
Site Management
Panel Attributes
Tasks Tested Add Meta Description Tag
Preview Code
CSS Benefits
Divide a Document
Set Page Background Color
Hidden Field Forms
Viewing Code and Page Design
Start Basic Web Page
Line Numbers Icon
Customize a Table
Copyright Symbol Icon
Form Options
Rollover Image
Page Layout with Missing Images
Image Map Hotspot
Placing an Image
Insert Submit Button
Layers in a Document
Ordered List Icon
Courtesy Reply Message
Ending HTML Tags
Import Text into Dreamweaver
Insert Special Character
Specifying Fonts
Preferences for ASCII Files
Dreamweaver Functionality
Size Adjustments
Dreamweaver Site Definition
Graphical Navigational Flow
Supported Server Technologies
Website Traffic
Image for Multiple Sites
Window Size Selector
Local Site
Expanded Tables Mode
Manage Files
Change Attributes of an Object within the Document
Check Target Browser Scan