Data Mining Concepts Assessment


Data Mining Concepts Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Data Mining Concepts test is designed to assess a test taker's understanding of general data mining principles. The test taker should have an understanding of the different methods and algorithms available for data mining. Topics covered by this test include exploratory data analysis and visualization, measurement and distance, text mining, and data mining tasks. This assessment is appropriate for test takers that have a year or more experience with data mining.


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Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Data Mining Tasks
Measurement and Distance
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and Visualization
Algorithms and Methods
Tasks Tested Text Mining
Data Reduction
Missing Values
Ratio Measurement
Data Mining Application Objective
Mining Application Key Consideration
Modeling Technique
Multi-dimensional vs. Relational
Determining Variables
Performance Improvement
Interval Level Measurement
Descriptive and Predictive Modeling
Data Mining
Variable Measured in Numbers
Measurement Techniques
Nearest Neighbor
Moving Average
Data Length
Ensemble Method Type
Measuring Distance
Euclidean Distance
Distance Between Vectors
Time Series Forecasting
Linear Prediction
Gain Income
Gain Age
Regression Equation
Dimension Reduction Strategies
Determining Salary