Budget Officer Skills Assessment


Budget Officer Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test covers the skill set necessary for a budget officer to be successful in their position. It includes terminology, accounting, financial, and organizational components. This test is intended for the person with at least one year of experience in the field.

Assessments for Budget Aide Skills and Financial Math are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Accounting Skills
Macro Budgeting
Micro Budgeting
Tasks Tested Understanding Capital Assets
Budget Mathematics
Accounting Rule
Principles of Accounting
Basic Budget Error
Financial Statement of Operations
Math and Accounting Terminology
Financial Income Statement
Understanding Marginal Cost
Accrual Accounting
Good Budget Objectives
Rolling Budget
Bottom-up Budgeting
Performance Metric
Top-down Budget
Capital Budgeting
Income Allocation
Variance Analysis
Budget Interpretation
Purpose of Budgeting
Budget Process
Multiple Location Budgeting
Budget Types
Understanding Budgeting
New Budget
Controllable Expenses
Overhead Allocation With Healthcare Costs
Understanding Benefit Variances
Budget Computation
Budget Methodology
Budget Process Manager
Marketing Budget
Budget Variance Review
Responsibility Accounting
Overhead Allocation Without Healthcare Costs