Basic Injection Molding Skills Assessment


Basic Injection Molding Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Basic Injection Molding test covers techniques of injection molding as well as industry standards and work related terminology. Specific areas of knowledge tested include identifying machine parts, machine maintenance, operation of press, mold design, math skills, material handling and nomenclature, among others. The test is intended to identify the skill level of the test taker. To that end, questions are presented at varying levels of skill and are denoted as basic, intermediate and advanced.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 30
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Setting Up
General Knowledge
Material Handling
Math Solving
After Molding
Tasks Tested Setting a Mold
Temperature Controls
Identifying Parts of Press
Melt Temperatures
Closed Loop Systems
Dimensional Issues
Process Control
Nozzle Tip
Short Shots
Glass Filled Materials
Cushion Adjustment
Barrel Heats
Identifying and Solving Defects
Math Solving Skills
Mold Design
Operation of Press
Material Identification
Identifying Material
Material Drying
Material Handling
Cryogenic Treating
Shrink Factors