Talevation Partners with SHL to Provide Free Access to SHL’s Science-Backed, AI-Powered Virtual Interview Suite

Talevation Partners with SHL to Provide Free Access to SHL’s Science-Backed, AI-Powered Virtual Interview Suite

Talevation, the #1 provider of skills & behavioral talent assessments, today announced that they are providing free access to the SHL Virtual Interview Suite, launched by SHL to the market last week – to their collective enterprise customers, in order to help them adapt, evolve and succeed during and throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic

Carmel, IN, April 7, 2020: Talevation®, in partnership with SHL®, is now offering free access to SHL’s Virtual Interview Suite – in order to help their enterprise clients adapt, evolve and succeed during and throughout, the COVID-19 pandemic. The SHL Virtual Interview Suite™, launched to the market last week by SHL, provides the capability to virtually assess candidates, conduct live and recorded interviews, and optimize pre and post hire employee effectiveness.

“Understandably, COVID-19 is a challenge for our enterprise clients, and will continue to be for months,” said Scott Abbott, Talevation Co-Founder & Managing Partner. “With that in mind, and along with our partners at SHL, we believe it’s important to provide additional support throughout this challenging time. And that’s exactly why we are teaming together, and offering the SHL Virtual Interview Suite to our current enterprise clients, free of charge, during this pandemic.”

The SHL Virtual Interview Suite is an innovative, market-leading portfolio of products, including both synchronous and asynchronous video interviewing, and a market leading AI-scored Coding interview – which allows enterprise organizations to stay virtually connected throughout their talent identification, assessment, recruiting, acquisition, development, and employee engagement initiatives. “The products we are making freely available to our enterprise clients, in coordination with Talevation, are cutting-edge and perfectly suited for the shift to working virtual,” said Andy Bradshaw, CEO. “SHL is committed, through our partnership with Talevation, to helping our mutual clients navigate, manage and ultimately prosper through this pandemic.”

About Talevation: Headquartered in Carmel, Indiana since 2016 – Talevation is the #1 provider of skills and behavioral talent assessments used to identify, frame, validate, measure, prove and substantiate the fit and proficiency of potential and current employees. Talevation helps individuals and organizations of all sizes, take the guesswork out of their talent decisions: from hiring the right people, to career development, and employee engagement. Talevation supports thousands of organizations (big and small), schools, government agencies and individuals – that collectively administer 100,000+ individual skills and behavioral assessments, per month.

About SHL: Headquartered in London, England, SHL provides deep people insights to predict and drive performance. Their world-class talent solutions empower leaders and teams to make unbiased decisions throughout the employee journey. With 40+ years of talent expertise, cutting-edge assessment science and more than 45 billion data points, they have an unparalleled view of the workforce. SHL partners with organizations of all sizes – from start-ups to multinational firms worldwide – to deliver proven business results from people investments.

For information about Talevation, visit www.talevation.com.

For information about SHL, visit www.shl.com.

For contact: Adrian Jagow @ adrian@talevation.com


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