Assessment Migration

On January 31, 2021, we completed migration to a new assessment vendor.

Assessment Content

Many of our previous assessments are still available - in fact, we've updated to more recent 2019 assessment titles.  At this time, all "skills" related tests have been migrated.  Behavioral content migration is still in-progress.  If you're having difficulty finding an assessment, please contact


All assessment prices have been adjust to reflect our vendor relationship.  Historical prices and discounts are not available.

Previous Purchases

All previously purchased assessments will be honored.  We will maintain our legacy vendor, and should this change, credits will be provided.

Candidate Experience

The candidate experience (sitting an assessment) has changed.  The way in which assessments are created and provided to candidates have not.

Hiring Manager Experience

Hiring Managers will notice little change.  The process of purchasing, creating assessments, and viewing results will be the same.  The content contained in an assessment report will reflect the new vendor and content.

Other Questions

Please contact by email if you have any additional questions.


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