SAS 9.3 Assessment

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The SAS 9.3 assessment is designed to evaluate the IML (Interactive Matrix Language) skills and the usage of SAS. The assessment includes questions on terminology, types of statements, matrices, selection statements, and data sets. This assessment is appropriate to administer to candidates that have a year or more experience using SAS 9.3.

Number of questions 39
Test format Multiple-Choice
Time to complete Varies by skill
Topics covered Data Sets
Selection Statements
Types of Statements
Tasks tested Characters Printed Lower Case
Comparison Operation
Current Input Data Set
Do While vs Do Until
End a Module Statement
IF-THEN-ELSE Statement
Index Vector
Index Vector Syntax
Indexing a Data Set
Iterative Clauses in a DO Statement
J Function
Logical Matrix Operator
Matrix - Missing Numeric Value
Matrix Concepts
Matrix Element
Matrix Enclosed Values
Matrix Literal
Matrix Names
Missing Values
Non-missing Values
Order of Precedence
Power Operation Binary Operator
Printing Attributes
Read from Existing Data Set
Reduction Operators
Repeat Matrix
Retrieve a Matrix
Row Vector
SAS Data Set
Skipping Statements
Sorted Data Sets
Termination Statement
Transfer Data from Data Set to Matrix
Variable Values Not Found
Vertical Concatenation Operator
Write Data to an External File
Write Observations
Supported languages ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ English (en_US)