TypeCoach offers adaptive leadership and sales tools for 21st century users. Graduates of our training are able to identify the personality type of others (colleagues, clients, etc.) based on observable clues in behavior. Our online tools take the guesswork out of interpersonal communication by providing advice based on the combination of any two personality types. We have more than 800 global clients across all industries and organizational size.

  • Type-to-Type

    Users are able to see their colleagues and when they click on someone’s name, the system provides the top 10 “dos” and “don’ts” for communicating and collaborating based on the combination of personality types.

  • Verifier+

    We use videos and animations to explain the different aspects of personality and allow the user to determine their own results. Participants arrive to a facilitated session already conversant in the terminology and ready to begin application to interpersonal communication. More than 170,000 people have been through the Verifier+.

  • Coaching Videos

    Knowing the unique challenges and strengths of your personality type is critical when it comes to maximizing one’s career potential. We provide 5 coaching videos that are unique to the user’s personality type – the “secrets of success” that we have learned through interviews with senior leaders. Videos and animations explain how to make the most of a strength and how to overcome common obstacles.