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In cooperation with leading schools and universities, Talevation proudly offers upcoming and recent graduates the tools to help you land your dream job.

Our Talent Assessments provide an objective way to identify your strengths and close skills gaps related to a variety of job roles and success measures. By self-assessing, you'll get a hiring manager's perspective on your qualifications to aid job searches, better prepare for an interview and to ultimately succeed professionally.

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After graduation, you know a lot about an area of study - the latest tools, approaches and even some hands-on experience. But while you may know a variety of job skills, you probably know less about yourself - unless you majored in psychology. Use our Behavioral assessments to gain personal insights before making career decisions.


Today's top companies are looking for talented and capable employees that can take on a range of responsibilities. Put your smarts to the test with these Skills assessments.


Not sure what you want to do yet? Or have you ever heard the line, "You'd make a great ..."? Our Indicators provide quick feedback and insight. And if you need more detail, use Job Fit assessments. They'll show what it takes to be successful in a role with additional suggestions and sample interview questions.

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