Reviewing Results

When a candidate completes a session, the session will be scored and results will be provided.  We'll do this automatically and send the user to the results page.  Depending on the type of assessment, it may take a moment for results to appear.

The results table will list all completed sessions with the overall score.  You can use the View action to review detailed results that contain the following information.

The Summary tab will contain statistics related to the assessment. Statistics include the number of total number of questions, the number correct, and corresponding score for two categories:

The Questions tab lists the questions for a skills test and whether the answer was Correct or Incorrect. We do not reveal the actual question's text or answer, but we do provide a Task category to help you understand the question's subject matter.

The Report tab(s) display PDF reports.  Behavioral assessment reports will contain additional content related to behavioral statements and descriptions, interview questions, and coaching tips. If the assessment is a skills test, the information in the report will contain summary and responses data similar to the Summary and Questions tabs.

How do I provide others access to results?

Use the Download action to download all available PDF reports to your computer.  You can then share these with others that need to review results.  We do not provide public or anonymous access to candidate results.

What happens if I believe an incorrect answer is actually correct?

We provided assessments that are used by thousands of companies worldwide.  While infrequent, there are times that an answer needs to be verified.  This can occur on simulation tests where a candidate may use a shortcut that is valid.  In this scenario, please contact and list the incorrect question(s) with answer(s) and steps used to complete if it was a simulation.