Reviewing Results

When a candidate completes a session, the session will be scored and results will be provided.  We'll do this automatically and send the candidate to the Completed sessions page.  Depending on the type of assessment, it may take a moment for scoring to finish and results to appear.


How do I provide others access to results?

Use the Download action to download all available PDF reports to your computer.  You can then share these with others that need to review results.  We do not provide public or anonymous access to candidate results.

What happens if I believe an incorrect answer is actually correct?

We provide assessments that are used by thousands of companies worldwide.  While infrequent, there are times that an answer needs to be verified.  This can occur on simulation tests where a candidate may use a shortcut that is valid; however, simulations often expect the most efficient answer.  If you have questions, please open a ticket on the Support page and list the incorrect question(s) with answer(s) and steps used to complete (simulation only).