Ordering Assessments

Providing access to proven assessments has never been easier.  Talevation's Talent Assessment Platform provides access to hundreds of assessments from an online shop.  You'll use the online shop to browse and purchase assessments just like you would any e-commerce site.

Assessments purchased are completely digital.  Once you complete your order, we'll send you to the assessments app so that you can provide access to a candidate or self-assess yourself.

What if I need more assessments?

All purchasing is done through the online shop.  Currently, we don't have "in-app" ordering.  Once you've run out of assessments, simply return to the shop and checkout.  We'll increment your account with the newly added assessments.

How do you know my purchases?

Upon checkout, we'll ask you for an email address.  This is an important step.  When you access the application, we'll ask you to login or signup.  You must use the email address used during checkout.  All purchases are linked to the checkout email address in the app.

What if someone else in my company needs assessments?

If someone else needs to order assessments, he or she can checkout using his or her email address.  This process essentially creates a new account that is his or hers.  All assessments and results will reside in this new user's account.  We don't currently have a concept of a "company" view, but we're open to working with you if you feel you might need this.

What if I ordered the wrong assessments or amount?

We can issue refunds.  We've also taken steps to allow you to delete a candidate's session, and we allow you to re-assign a purchased assessment.  So if you have more than you need today, you can keep it until the assessments are ready to be used.  The ability to use a purchased assessment does not expire.

Can I get a receipt?

Yes, and you should receive one immediately after checkout.  If you did not, it's often because it went to your spam or junk folder or your email service provider is blocking emails from our e-commerce provider.  Orders and receipts can be found on the Orders page in the app.