Creating Sessions

You've ordered assessments, now what?  After purchase, you'll need to create an assessment session.  You can think of the assessment like a type of test and a session as the actual test the candidate completes.  Each session is unique to a candidate and the session link should not be shared with other candidates.

To create a session, access the sessions page in the app. 

  1. Click the Create session button.
  2. In the resulting dialog, select the type of assessment you'd like to provide to a candidate using the dropdown menu.
  3. Provide the first and last name of the candidate.
  4. Decide whether to Allow candidate to access assessment results and mark the checkbox accordingly. If you do not select this option, the candidate will not be allowed to access his or her assessment results.
  5. Click the Create button.
  6. After the session is created, the session will be added to the sessions table.

Once the session is created and added to the sessions table, you have a few options.

What if I don't see the create session button?

This means that the app doesn't recognize that you've made a purchase.  Confirm your login name exactly matches the email used during checkout.  Try logging out and logging in using the button at the top right.  If that doesn't correct the problem, there could be a slight delay from the checkout to app flow.  Wait a moment and if the problem persists, simply use the chat button to contact support.

What happens if I click the START button?

There's no harm in clicking the start button.  We'll display the candidate page, which is the actual session link the candidate receives as part of the Link or Mail action.  Users should not click the Begin Assessment button unless the user is completing the assessment.  We'll "lock" the assessment to the current user once the session begins.

How do I use the Mail action?

It's pretty simple.  When the mail dialog opens, we'll add a basic message.  You're free to write whatever text you want.  One important note is that we have special keywords that replace text with the candidate information, assessment title, and link to session.  Use the preview tab to review the final message before sending.  The candidate will receive an email from  Please follow up with candidates as sometimes mail gets caught in spam or junk folders.

Can I see whether a candidate has started a session?

Yes.  You can use the status button to refresh status.  A session will move to Active if the candidate is currently taking the assessment.  The assessment may be labeled In Progress if the candidate has started the assessment but exited the assessment.  Once the assessment is Completed, we'll automatically move the session to the Results page.

What do I do if a candidate fails to complete the session?

If a candidate never starts or never completes a session, simply delete it.  You can use the checkbox and the Delete action to remove the session.  Doing so will automatically increment your account so you can re-use the purchased assessment.

Where are the results?

Once a candidate completes a session, we'll move the session from the sessions page to the results page.  As an assessment purchaser, you will always have access to results.  If you opted to allow the candidate access to results when you created the session, the candidate will see results as well.  If you did not choose this option, a lock icon will appear and you should communicate results to the candidate.