Creating Sessions

You've ordered assessments, now what?  After purchase, you'll need to create an assessment session.  You can think of the assessment like a type of test and a session as the actual test the candidate completes.

To create a session, use the Create Assessment button.  If this is your first order or no sessions exist, the create assessment dialog will open automatically.

For more details, refer to the guide after login.

What if I don't see the Create Assessment button?

This means that the app doesn't recognize that you've made a purchase.  Confirm your login email address exactly matches the email used during checkout.  Try logging out and logging in using the button at the top right.  If that doesn't correct the problem, there could be a slight delay from the checkout to app flow.  Wait a moment and if the problem persists, simply use Support menu item to create a ticket with support.

Can I email candidates links to assessments?

Yes you can, but it's not required.  Creating an assessment requires a candidate's email address.  The candidate must register and login with this same email address.  So candidate's really only need to login to the application.  If you'd like to email candidates to let them know assessments are ready, an email action can be used to send a brief, customizable message.  Status of the email message will be displayed.

Can I see whether a candidate has started a session?

Yes.  Assessments can be in four stages: Not Started, In-Progress, Completed, and Expired. As assessments move through these stages, they will be reflected in the corresponding pages within the application.

What do I do if a candidate fails to complete the session?

If a candidate never starts or never completes a session, simply delete it.  You can use the checkbox and the Delete action to remove the session.  Doing so will automatically increment your account so you can re-use the purchased assessment.

Where are the results?

Once a candidate completes a session, it will show on the Completed page.  As an assessment purchaser, you will always have access to results and detailed reports.  Candidates will be provided an overall score to demonstrate that the assessment has been completed and scored.